New England Family Support Service offers a number of programs in Walcha, contact details are to the right.

Other programs that can be offered in Walcha include:

  • The HIPPY (Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters) for parents of children in the year before they start school. This international program helps children get a good start in school, is voluntary and free for families. Please see the HIPPY page for more information.
  • The Walcha Wiggles Supported Playgroup – Thursdays during term time, 10am -12pm. Please see the PLAYGROUPS page for more information.
  • 123 Magic and Emotion Coaching.This program offers parents and other interested caregivers a simple and gentle-but-firm approach to managing the behaviour of 2 to 12 year olds. For more information please see the 123 MAGIC AND EMOTION COACHING page.

NEFSS has a focus on providing programs that meet the needs of our community and adds to our available programs when appropriate. Please link to our FACEBOOK page to stay up to date with what we are currently offering