The Walcha Neighbourhood Centre

The Walcha Neighbourhood Centre (WNC) operates a centre that provides:

  •  Facilitates a range of networks for community services
  •  Information & Referral Service
  •  Outreach Services
  •  Advocacy
  •  Community Development
  •  Financial assistance to families and individuals in financial crisis
  •  Other resources for community worker use
  •  Training for volunteers and community members

WNC is committed to community development.

Community development means that a community itself engages in a process aimed at enhancing the social, financial and environmental state of the community.

Community development improves the ability of communities to collectively make better decisions about the use of resources such as infrastructure, labour and knowledge.

The WNC is one avenue for facilitating such outcomes. We want to contribute to positive outcomes and seek long term solutions for community issues rather than quick fixes.

Contact Us:

02 6777 1408 (Currently unavailable)

0493 560 587

Walcha Neighbourhood Centre (The Hub) , 21E Fitzroy Street, Walcha NSW 2354 Temporarily Closed