Children’s Contact Services

NEFSS Children’s Contact Service offers a child-focused place for children and their families to spend time together.  We provide a safe, neutral and flexible service for parents, children and their families.  

The NEFSS Children’s Contact Service is here to support children connect and build positive relationships with family members who they do not live with, or connect with, outside of our service.   

We aim to help adults improve their communication, reduce conflict and improve co-parenting relationships.  We also offer assistance to help parents plan how they will manage contact arrangements once they leave the service.  

Families come to use our service for many reasons including, adhering to court orders, DV, self- referred clients and those referred by another service or person.  

We recognise that every family is different and will require contact arrangements specific to their family’s needs.  We assess each case individually and provide the supervision required for each family.  

We offer centre based visits, community visits and online video visits. We can also discuss a variety of other ways that family members can stay connected. 

Proudly funded by the Attorney-General’s Department