HIPPY Program

The Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters (HIPPY) is a home-based early learning and parenting program for families with young children.

Families start HIPPY the year before their child starts school (usually around 3 years of age) and HIPPY is a voluntary program and is free for families.

Each HIPPY program is staffed by a tertiary qualified Coordinators and a team of Home Tutors, who are usually past or current parents participating in the program from the local community. Home Tutors are paid employees and receive training and support from the Coordinators.

HIPPY is supported by research that shows that children’s most powerful learning comes from their family, and that getting a strong start at school sets children up for life.

Ann Haining is the HIPPY Coordinators for New England Family Support Service. You can contact Ann through the contact form to your right, or alternatively through the details on the contact page. You can find out more about the HIPPY program on their website through the link above the contact form.